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Support & Funding

Sponsors & Partners

Litter Institute

Litter Institute  is a non-profit organization, launched in 2017 with the goal to value  and increase the visibility and the impact of science in Brazil. By providing grants, it supports both research projects and science communication and outreach.

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Researchers Network

Researchers Network  It has as its mission to be a connection between researchers, NGOs, businesses and anyone interested in contributing to social development through collaborative and transdisciplinary actions, communication and science outreach.

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iBench  was created with the goal of making the scientific world more efficient through the development of solutions for the science sector. Its mission is to help scientists to overcome the bureaucratic challenges they face daily. It develops solutions that focus on science to optimize the use of available resources.

protocols_edited.png was started to create a free, central, up-to-date, crowd-sourced protocol repository.

Extend  is a Brazilian company, from researchers to  researchers, specializing in oligos and DNA probes.
Merck  provides materials, technology and services for researchers. With the merger, in 2015, of  Merck Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich, it now offers a portfolio of over 300,000 products, with an expanded global presence and the leading e-commerce in the sector.
Cell Bank of Rio de Janeiro
the  Cell Bank (BCRJ)  was created in 1980, by professor Radovan Borojevic, becoming the reference center in cell culture, being the only collection of human and animal cell lines that provides services in Brazil, and the largest in South America.
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