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open science: how  do (Oct/20; Instituto Serrapilheira)

Science is going through a reproducibility crisis (Feb/20; Folha de São Paulo)


Brazilian biomedical science faces reproducibility test (May/19; Nature News)

Effort to reproduce Brazilian research experiments set to begin (Apr/19; Chemical and Engineering News)

The Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative (Apr/19; eLife Podcast)

Why is it important to reproduce scientific research (Feb/19; Nexus)

Project wants to answer the question: how reliable is Brazilian science? (Jan/19; Folha de São Paulo)

Brazilian Reproducibility Initiative receives applications from laboratories (Nov/18; FAPESP Agency)

Reproducibility Crisis in Science (Nov/18; Frontiers of Science Podcast)

Reproducibility: challenge for biomedical sciences (Nov/18; Instituto D'Or)

Serrapilheira Institute supports the reproducibility of national science (Oct/18; FAPERJ)

Project will estimate the reproducibility of Brazilian science (Aug/18; Fiocruz Observatory)

Project will estimate the reproducibility of Brazilian science (Aug/18; Instituto Serrapilheira)

Opening the black box (May/18; Science Today)

About enzyme that degrades plastic, 3D printed skin, cancer vaccine and reproducibility of Brazilian science (May/18; Can Understand Podcast)

A network to reproduce (May/18; Revista Pesquisa FAPESP)

Project will replicate experiments by Brazilian scientists to check their efficiency (Apr/18; O Globo)

Reproducibility in Science and the Surveillance Epidemic (Apr/18; LAbI UFSCar)

Webinar on the Initiative (Apr/18; Researchers Network)

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