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Nossos projetos

Our projects

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Animal Models of Autism

This project seeks to study the similarities and differences between the behavioral manifestations constantly observed in the models of autism spectrum disorders in rodents.

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Alzheimer's Disease and SHSY-5Y Cells

This review and meta-analysis seeks to explore the impacts of experimental variables on measures of toxicity used in SHSY5Y cells as a cellular model of Alzheirmer's Disease.

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Depression and Gut Microbiota

This project aims to identify which alterations are constantly observed in the intestinal microbiota of experimental animals submitted to models that induce depressive-like behavior.

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Chagas disease treatment

This project aims to survey the different treatment alternatives for Chagas disease in pre-clinical tests, analyzing their efficacy and toxicity in the acute phase of the disease, in addition to discussing which models are most used for these tests.

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Animal models of Parkinson's disease

This review project seeks to identify the main behavioral and biochemical outcomes observed in animal models of Parkinson's disease induced by 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde (DOPAL).

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NMDA antagonists and social interaction

The aim of this project is to answer the following research question: what is the effect of NMDA receptor antagonists (intervention) on social interaction (outcome) in laboratory animals (population)?

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