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Useful links


Systematic Review Center for Laboratony Animal Experimentation

Research group dedicated to the development, application and promotion of systematic reviews of animal studies. Linked to Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands.


Collaborative Approach to Meta-Analysis and Review of Animal Data From Experimental Studies

Research group dedicated to conducting and promoting systematic preclinical reviews. Linked to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Systematic Review Facility

Platform developed by CAMARADES to assist in conducting pre-clinical systematic reviews.


Cochrane Collaboration

Independent international research network based in London, England. It is the main international entity for the development and promotion of systematic reviews and meta-analyses, mainly with a clinical focus.



International base of systematic review protocol registries. It has a specific section for pre-clinical systematic review protocols. Linked to the University of York, England.


Open Science Framework

Open and free platform for research support. It is commonly used for filing protocols for preclinical systematic reviews, especially those not eligible for filing in PROSPERO.

cochrane revman_edited.png

Review Manager

Software for conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses developed by Cochrane. Open and free on desktop version. 



Support platform for conducting systematic reviews. Especially useful for organizing the deduplication process and eligibility assessment.

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