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     No-Budget Science Hack Week is an intensive one-of-a-kind workshop.  week with the objective of developing research projects in metascience - science on how to build a  Better science – in the biomedical arena through the use of publicly available data, following the no-budget philosophy: a laptop in your hand and an idea in your head.

     Hack Week will run from 22 to 28  of July 2019, at the Instituto D'Or de Pesquisa e Ensino and at the  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


Programming and


     The objective of the event is the development of research projects and/or tools that address the major issues of the modern scientific process: data availability, reliability, reproducibility, publication system, distribution of resources and funding and training of researchers . The time  it will be divided between work on projects and lectures and tutorials on programming tools, databases, reproducibility and open science.


     the 20  selected participants will be divided into groups of 4 to 5 students, ideally from different backgrounds and abilities,  for intensive development of projects related to the proposed themes, counting  with computers and an internet connection, in addition to the monitoring of tutors who will help guide the progress of the projects.


     At the end of the event, the projects will be presented to the evaluation committee, ideally with protocols  recorded and pilot data for the case of research projects, or  prototypes for the case of technological solutions. From there, the No-Budget Science team will be able to choose  one or more projects to focus efforts and/or resources  over the next year. Regardless, we'll track everyone's progress.  the projects,  in order to  evaluate the event's success.

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To register for Hack Week , you must first complete the registration form by the 16th  of June . The optional second step is to include a letter of recommendation as an attachment. Below are the instructions for each step:

1) Fill in the registration form  on time (until  June 16 )

     In addition to your data, the registration form must contain (A) a motivation letter (maximum 2500 characters) explaining your motivations for participating in the event, a description of your main skills/competencies (maximum 1000 characters) and some of the your story and (B)  a no-budget project proposal (max 1500  characters) to be developed within the theme of the event (ie  build a better science). This project doesn't need to be very detailed: just an idea (even if vague) about a question or a problem and a possible approach. We are not looking for experts on the subject, but motivated people with good reflections on the subject.

     Some potential themes were  discussed at our launch event  and include:

     - How to make visible and reward open science practices?

     - How to prevent brain loss in the country?

     - How to deal with the under-representation of women in scientific funding?

     - How to assess whether we are communicating our science well?

     - Is it necessary to change the profile of graduate students?

     - How to facilitate the synthesis of published evidence?

     So many research projects that  propose to study  these themes (or similar ones) as technological tools that propose to provide solutions  can be proposed. Both, however, should only be achievable with computers and data already available, and feasible to be started at least during the hack week period.

     On the first day of the event, the ideas of  project  will be presented, and  4 or  5 among them  will be selected by the group of participants to develop the projects  during the event.  

2) (optional) Send the letter(s) of recommendation (up to 2, with a maximum of 1 page each) in PDF format using the form.


  • The event's target audience is young scientists: undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students in biomedical and other research areas (and interested in the proposed themes).

  • The number of places is limited. From the registrations, the organizing committee will select 20 people to participate

  • We will have resources available to finance travel and accommodation costs between  5 and 10 participants  from outside Rio de Janeiro.

  • The list of people selected to participate will be released until the 20th  of June .

  • The data provided for registration is confidential and will only be used for the selection of participants.

  • Registration and participation in Hack Week is free .

  • Participation certificates will only be given to those who participate fully in Hack Week.

     For any questions, please contact us at .


Over the


     No-Budget Science is a regular meeting organized since 2016 at the Science Center of  Saúde (UFRJ) for the discussion of scientific projects that can be executed without great cost - a laptop in hand and an idea in the head.

     One of the motivations for creating the event was to enable people interested in working on scientific projects outside the bench to meet. We were concerned about the increase in the number of publications over the years, making the task of synthesizing research data into useful information urgent.  Throughout the editions, it became clear the need to also discuss the necessary conditions for such projects to prosper, such as transparency, reproducibility and reforms in the publication system.

     Despite the interest of the local community in the topics covered, we are left with the feeling that the  return in the form of completed or ongoing projects could be greater, leading us to seek a different format  in 2019. With this, we hope to get closer to our initial idea: to stimulate collaborations in no-budget research projects and foster independence and academic entrepreneurship among young scientists in training, through the No-Budget Science Hack Week .

     To learn more about No-Budget Science , visit the our Facebook page . There you'll find our community, as well as several videos from previous issues, including the Hack Week launch issue .




     All activities of the No-Budget Science Hack Week, including project development, will be supervised by its team of coordinators. In addition, we will have guest researchers who, in addition to contributing to the development of projects  will give lectures and tool tutorials involving various aspects of no-budget science  

Organizing Committee (UFRJ)

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Guest Speakers





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